AWOTT (Asian Women On The Telephone) + LACHPILLENONKEL

Mittwoch, 07.11.18 Kantine


Asian Women On The Telephone, russische Avantgarde / Electro-Jazz-Core


Archaeocthulhulahoopnoize, Bamberg

Einlass 20:30, Beginn 21 Uhr
Kooperation von musikverein und Lachpillenonkel

Since 2007 explore this and those Worlds, both sides of Good and parts of Evil, together with friends and random guests of both Worlds who disappeared into the volcanoes of Russia.
The Good first side is synth, which is came back. Another side is sax which became strong tenor instead alto. Drums and drummachine is stand for Evil in every beat it makes, good old Evil we all know since Ringo and Detroit. And Voices living in their wise lungs above bowels, who is evil of course. Alltogether this aspects boil-fight for love and peace and soul, against the limits, despite all square being. Behind the Masks.

“Steady it goes, the rock-a-nought shop boys’ ship, the motorik freundschaft cisternalium of Asian Women on the Telephone. Arms-legs-torso-necks flash forth in dub’s syndrome fits, oblivious to the dumb, random law-mongering darkness that creeps around. They’ve got enough pressure, enough dog fuzz stunts and enough proclamatory detritus of their own to give all your little boo-hoos a polar-teddy silver enema to ride on. Never the ones to take “locked” or “unlocked” as a final word, these workers stay focused yet unstuck, body parts protruding against/past each other and plugged into hidden ad-hoc stocks of fire, gravy and muesli. And so the vehicle marches gently, in a steamy and righteous goat trance.” – Andrij Orel

Der Lachpillenonkel experimentiert mit analog-digitalen Geräuschquellen sowie Field Recordings und webt daraus mit den Dissharmonic BackbeatBoyz Noiseklangteppiche gepaart mit Cthulhulahoopelementen.

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