04.03.23 Verydeeprecords Label-Night

Die letzte Verydeeprecords Club-Nacht im Zentralcafé liegt lange zurück, vielleicht auch weil das (Elektronik-) Label um Red On und HKHKHKHK zuletzt eher im Listening-Bereich unterwegs war … aber Hey! Spätestens seit VDR054 ist klar: We miss the dance floor! File under #futurebass #postposthouse #notnotpop #audiovisual

Samstag 04.03.23

Verydeeprecords Label-Night


Belia Winnewisser + Subrihanna (a/v live)

Rikky Mandozza (live)

awkward Mud + LiÆN (DJ)


23 – 5 Uhr
Eintritt: Zahl was du kannst zwischen 8 – 14 Euro

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Belia Winnewisser + Subrihanna (a/v live)

>>> Präsens Editionen, Die Orakel, VDR, Zürich/Nbg <<<

After being active in band projects and working in sound design, Zurich based multimedia artist Belia Winnewisser eventually found her way into playing and producing electronic music. Her productions combine trippy electro beat structures with fading synthesizers spanning moods from emotional to psychedelic and everything in between. Her latest album »Soda« on Swiss label Präsens Editionen drafts some kind of abstract future pop featuring her sublime singing, while her new EP on Die Orakel dives deeper into contemporary Dance Music. At this year’s Soft Planet Festival she premiered an audio visual live performance together with Nbg based visual artist Subrihanna (Function Level Marker, Red On). Their joint sets blur the lines between deconstructed club music and a refreshingly bold future Pop by mixing crispy drum sounds, shiny 3D renders and sparkling melodies.

YouTube   Bandcamp   Insta Belia   Insta Subrihanna


Rikky Mandozza (live)

>>> VDR, Computer Abuser, Nbg/Maastricht <<<

Rikky Mandozza is the exploration of performativity. They are not someone specific, instead they are the canvas on wich different personalities can materialise themselves. They are everyone and no one. They are the empty book through wich familiar strangers can tell their stories. After a few self-released singles and an EP on the Nuremberg-based label Computer Abuser Records, Rikky Mandozza returned with their first release on Verydeeprecords in 2022. The music on »CATHARSIS« spans a brige from dark and mystical ambient to punchy uptempo club music. Contemporary dance tracks between broken house and techno, peppered with spoken word fragments and infused with a trap music vibe that connects back to Rikky’s alias Erico. At the VDR Label-Night, Rikky presents his first ever live show. Prepare for an overwhelming load of rhythms, drones and emotions. VDR is back on the dance floor!

YouTube   Bandcamp   Insta



Speaking of the dance floor: VDR DJ-Team aka Red On + HKHKHKHK select their very own mix of contemporary House Music and Bass influenced Pop. A rare event full of surprising twists every time, leading deep into the musical influences of VDR.

Bandcamp Red On    Bandcamp HKHKHKHK   Insta Verydeeprec


awkward Mud + LiÆN

VDR, Musikverein, Nbg

LiÆN released her highly acclaimed debut album on VDR in 2021: Heart warming lofi-indie drenched in field recordings and reverb. For her DJ-debut she is joined by friend and Musikverein member awkward Mud.



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