DRAG-ON-BALL – Voguing Ball x ORCHID

Samstag, 30.06.2018, Einlass Teilnehmer*innen 20 Uhr, Beginn 21 Uhr


Der erste Voguing Ball in Süddeutschland – präsentiert von J.J. Laconya (Nürnberg), House Of Melody (Berlin) und ORCHID.
Motto: Anime!
Eintritt: 10€ Publikum, 8€ Teilnehmer*innen

Voguing ist ein Tanzstil, der Anfang der 80er in der schwarzen und Latino-LGBT* Subkultur aus der Ballroom Szene heraus enstand, in Harlem, New York. Die Moves sind vom Fashion-Posing inspiriert und es wurde sich in Familien, den ‘Houses’ zusammengeschlossen und unterstützt. Wie beim Breakdance wird in Contests, den Voguing Balls, gegeneinander angetreten.
The first voguing ball in the south of Germany presented by J.J. Laconya (Nürnberg/Erlangen) with support by House of Melody & Orchid – Come out & celebrate the inspirational universe of anime with us – lets open a new chapter of ballroom culture in the land of beer & pretzels!

Zoe OO7 – Düsseldorf
Katrin Blantar – Vienna
Divad Unbothered – London


Mother Leo Melody & Plenvm Ninja



Virgin Runway – ota – / All American (1 trophy)

BLEACH – Serve it in an anime inspired high fashion look in black & white as a Shinigami – choose to bring it like Kurosaki Ichigo with a face mask / paint OR like Abarai Renji with a visible painted tattoo.

Virgin Runway – ota – / European (1 trophy)

THE OUTER SENSHI – Serve it with confidence and innocence as one of the Sailor team Members in their civilian look – Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Saturn), Setsuna Meioh (Sailor Pluto), Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru Kaioh (Sailor Neptune).

European Runway – ota – (1 trophy)

THE IRREGULAR AT MAGIC HIGH SCHOOL – Werk it inspired by the magical looks of Miyuki & Tatsuya and serve in flowing Jacket or Dress or Skirt in the colours white, mint/green or blue.

All American Runway – ota – (1 trophy)

SAMURAI FLAVOR – Serve it in a Samurai inspired look that resembles the traditional Japanese clothing. Mandatory at least one item that represents the code of Bushido. (For example Hakama or Katana) Inspiration: Jin (Samurai Champloo); Afro-Samurai; Yoshimitsu (Tekken)


First Time in Drag at a Ball (2 trophies)

BACK TO SCHOOL – Anime is mostly centered around school and school uniforms – so we want to see your first time in drag (both Queen & King) inspired by one of your favorite anime school uniform looks.

Best Dressed Drag (2 trophies)

BLACK MOON (from Sailor Moon)
– Drag Queen – We wanna see you in a look inspired by Esmeraude, one of the villains from Black Moon. Serve it in a colourful wig, black dress & jewelery!
– Drag King – We wanna see you in a look inspired by the Boss from Black Moon, Prince Demand. Serve it in style & class with white or grey hair & white or grey suit.

Drag Lip Sync (2 trophies Drag Queen / Drag King)

JIGGLYPUFF – Get inspired by the style and charisma of the adorable Jigglypuff and serve us your lip sync performance in pink!
Length of performance 1:30 min. – send track to registration@thehouseofmelody.com


School Boy Realness (1 trophy)

GOLDEN BOY – Serve us School Boy Realness in a look inspired by the 90’s anime Golden Boy, don´t forget to bring your backpack and cap. Open to: Butch, Transmen, Butch Queens

Drag Queen / Fem Queen Realness (2 trophies)

J-POP IDOL- Serve us realness in your version of a cute J-pop Idol with a bow (mandatory) – get inspired by the wide spread fashion of the anime idols. Open to: Transwomen, Drag Queens


Hands Performance – ota – (1 trophy)

KUROSHITSUJI / BLACK BUTLER – Serve your Hands Performance inspired by the butler Sebastian Michaelis – don’t forget to bring your white gloves!

Virgin Performance – ota – (3 trophies)

Virgin Old Way
DETECTIVE CONAN – serve it in a classy outfit like Conan with a red bow tie.

Virgin New Way
ONE PIECE – serve it as Monkey D. Luffy in shorts and a straw hat.

Virgin Fem
MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH – serve it as one of the knights in either red, blue or green.

Performance – ota – (3 trophies)

Old Way
MUTEN ROSHI / DRAGONBALL – Bring it to the floor as Muten Roshi with sunglases -choose for either his colourful beach clothes or his martial art outfit.

New Way
FREEZER / DRAGONBALL – Show us your stretch and serve it in a look inspired by one of the different evolutionary forms of Freezer.

HYAKKA RYORAN / SAMURAI GIRLS – Serve it in a look inspired by one of the kick ass characters from Hyakka Ryōran and her fierce Samurai Girls Gang.

Tag Team Mini Production (1 trophy)

DRAGONBALL FUSION – Show us an energetic tag team performance inspired by the Dragonball fusion dance in order to become one strong fighter like Gogeta (Son Goku + Vegeta). Pick two of your favorite characters from Dragonball and show us how you and your partner become one in your fab performance! Dont forget to include the original fusion choreography or even your own variation of it! www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0uQor_juqE

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